🌍 ☪️ No, the so-called “muslim brotherhood” and Islamists do not represent Muslims nor the religion of Islam … Al-Azhar and official governments do!

As Egypt’s president, El-Sisi, delivered a speech today about the need for the world to unite against radical islamist groups and their ideologies, the Egyptian army is fighting vigorously in a large-scale war against all sorts of radical militants and militias in the region … including the so-called “Muslim Brotherhood”.  This war started since the Pharaohs erupted on the 30th of June 2013, calling to depose the 1-year Islamist president, calling to end the so-called islamist movement in Egypt, and calling to end all sorts of religious theocracies or mixing politics with religion!! The photo album above documents some snapshots of this revolution, which has seen the movement of more than 35 million Egyptians across all the Egyptian streets … to be considered the biggest movement and revolution in modern human history!

As the article’s title explains, the so-called “Muslim Brotherhood” (or MB for short) does not represent the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world! The MB is a radical islamist organization which seeks political dominance of the world. It is a minority group which started in Egypt in the 1920s after Egypt declared its independence from Britain and the need for British troops to move out of the country, and MB was declared since its inception as an enemy of the Egyptian nation (due to their destructive riots to change government by force and due to multiple assassinations of Egyptian government leaders, including the Egyptian prime minister El-Nokrashy in 1948). It had some radical philosophers and book-authors who quickly spread like cancer their extremist ideologies across the Middle East, and also nowadays across Europe, Asia and America. Now, all radical islamist groups and militias are directly affected and established based on the ideology of this so-called Muslim Brotherhood, including current militias causing terrorism around the world like ISIS/Daesh, etc. In short: “All radical islamist groups and extremisim were created based on the ideologies of the MB”. 

On the one hand, we have this MB group existing as largely funded societies and (sub-)groups around the world, including the EU and the USA besides the Middle East, while they seek to “act” as if they represent moderate Islamic views, or Muslims in general … which clearly they don’t, with all their crimes in Syria, Turkey, the Middle East, and current islamist movements creating terrorism around the world!! This is simply an insane assumption to go along with, as if they are really “democratic” Muslims. The real Muslims and religion of Islam can be seen in the 1.49 billion independent people (non-affiliated to any so-called islamist movement or radical group) living peacefully in their nations, and their governments, and in moderate religious institutions like Al-Azhar of Egypt (the de facto representative of Islam in our current days, similar to the Vatican for Catholicism). Even if governments are led by dictators, like in Syria, the world shouldn’t replace such dictators with “islamists” and radical groups using the motive of “eliminating oppression” … actually we are replacing oppression with even more severe and destructive oppression which no one can withstand (as seen nowadays in the large influx of immigrants and refugees fleeing such countries where so-called “islamists” are seeking power).

To get things in perspective, Muslims can not be represented by those minority groups such as the MB, even if such radical islamist groups can gather a couple of hundred thousand followers … the Muslim population is about 1.5 billion … those radical groups do not even represent 0.1% of Muslims!!! If that can not be made any clearer, then our arguments will be flawed by large! Therefore, clearly, this so-called muslim brotherhood and all sorts of radical “Islamism” can not be attributed to the whole religion of Islam nor the peaceful Muslim population living around the world … that would be a large mistake to assume!

🤝 Now, this MB must be classified as a high-risk terrorist organization no matter how many followers it has got (which we can guarantee are a few, compared to the whole Muslim population, just as we mentioned before by statistics). They have (directly and indirectly) contributed in many crimes and attacks around the world and in the Middle East … therefore, it can not be more important for the USA, Egypt, Russia, the EU, and the UN to  move forward in eradicating this group!! Don’t worry … Muslims won’t reject that, on the contrary, they will be very happy for doing such a big favour of eradicating radicalism and extremism from the world … rescuing them from the civil wars caused by those groups seeking to destroy governments in order to replace them with the so-called “Islamic caliphate” (which is just nonsense religious jargon they use to convince some people around the world to adopt their ideologies)!! All monetary funding, sponsorship and military support to such groups and their militia should be stopped immediately! The so-called Muslim Brotherhood must be declared as a terrorist orgainsation in the USA, the EU, Egypt (which already took this initiative), and the Middle East! This is what President Trump from the USA and his counterpart in Egypt, president El-Sisi, are tying to achieve. They are executing a large scale war on all types of terrorism in order to eradicate it completely and make the world a safer place to live!

The so-called muslim brotherhood and its children organisations (which support and contribute to radical islamist militias like ISIS / Daesh, frequently funding them using donations they collect from around the world under the slogan of “charity” to support the oppressed peoples around the world!) , they are the main reason and cause of destruction in countries in the middle east, including Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Libya, Iraq … which leads to the influx of migrants from such countries to other countries like Egypt and countries in the EU and the USA (some of those refugees which are classified as so-called “oppressed” people actually belong to the MB and should be filtered out from immigration if countries are to live safe from their destructive & radical ideologies, just like what President Trump from the USA and president El-Sisi from Egypt are proposing!)

✌ Nowadays, the Pharaohs are executing a large scale war on terrorism of all types in the western and eastern deserts on the borders and in the Middle East region … all the world including the USA, Russia, the EU, Asia, Arabia, Australia, etc. should unite and stand side-by-side with the Egyptians as they eradicate all kind of terrorism to keep the world a safer place to live! The documentary below (with English subtitles), is created by the Egyptian armed forces, which documents and explains the current challenges of “Islamist” terrorism the world faces and how Egypt was successful in combating them (including the so-called muslim brotherhood) in order to eradicate them from existence (Warning: some graphic content in the video, only adults should watch this video) … the Pharaohs will continue alongside their allies until the world is safe from all ignorant and radical groups … terrorism will seize to exist, and good will win over evil in this war, that’s for granted! 👍

References: Reuters (English), Al-Ahram article 1 (Arabic), Al-Ahram article 2 (Arabic)

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