gallery 🌍🇪🇬 Egypt opens its arms for African unity and sustainable development during COMESA summit in Sharm El-Sheikh

🌍🐘🐬🐪🇪🇬 The capital of peace in Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh, hosted the Africa 2017 business forum and leadership summit during the period of 7th-9th of December, which was very successful and full of big announcements for the African content. The summit targets economical integration and bolstering joint trade within Africa. This major African economical event has seen multiple sessions involving multiple leaders and youth from Africa representing more than 24 African nations. The summit has seen the announcements of multiple joint investment projects between Egypt and many other African nations.

🏙️🚊The summit is sponsored by the COMESA African trade union and was attended by more than 3000 African leaders, businessmen and young entrepreneurs. The summit was organised under the auspices and direct supervision of the president of Egypt, president El-Sisi. The Egyptian president stressed during the conference that Egypt fully supports the causes for development and peace in Africa. El-Sisi has also announced that Egypt will increase its investments in infrastructure within the continent including roads and railways projects, agricultural projects and telecommunication projects in Africa.

🌱 El-Sisi and the African leaders attending the summit, including the president of the African union and members of the COMESA, announced their vision for the near-term future involving more self-utilisation of the continent’s national and human resources, especially its huge numbers of youth, in addition to empowerment of Africa’s powerful women. El-Sisi has stressed during the summit that the hope for the continent is in the rich resources of young, energetic, and well-qualified youth. The president added during his participation in the summit’s events that “Hand-in-hand we can maintain sustainable development and economical growth in Africa”. President El-Sisi also announced that Egypt plans to build an organisation and centre for African entrepreneurship and joint projects to implement the recommendations of the Africa 2017 summit.

⛅ Africa 2017 has seen great initiatives of African entrepreneurship, joint African projects for economical development, and large investments in infrastructure and technology to support trade within the African continent.  This includes more investments in transportation and logistics infrastrucrture and synchronisation between different African nations. The goal, also, is to increase investments in renewable and clean energy sources within Africa to secure sustainable development for the future.

🏦 During the summit, Egypt secured funds from multiple African development banks for Egyptian projects within Africa. The Egyptian minister for investment announced during the summit that Egypt invested a total of EG£200 billion for the development of the continent over the last few decades, and 1 Billion US dollars just within the last year. Egypt supports investments in SMEs in African nations for sustainable development. This can be seen in the Egyptian initiatives for new legislation, new joint African projects, and centres for African entrepreneurship.

🛣️ The Egyptian Arab Contractors company also announced during the business forum that it is working with all its efforts and within collaboration with the African nations on the Cairo – Cape Town international highway project. This mega-project is planned to link the north of Africa with its southern region which will lead to better economical trade between the African partners. Reference: Youm7.

2017-12-10 Map_of_Trans-African_Highways Africa 2017 Sharm El-Sheikh Egypt Wikipedia
Map of the Trans-African Highways which Egypt is highly contributing to, as announced in the Africa 2017 business forum in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (source: Wikipedia)

🇷🇼🤝🇪🇬 Partnership: Egypt and Rwanda

2017-12-10 RWANDA President El-Sisi Egypt and Kagame Rwanda in Sharm El-Sheikh 2017 Al-Ahram
President El-Sisi of Egypt and president Kagame of Rwanda during Africa 2017 summit, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (source: Al-Ahram)

🕊️✌️ The Egyptian and Rwandan presidents discussed bilateral relations on the sidelines of the business summit. El-Sisi discussed with Kagame the strong relationships between both friend nations and the prospects of cooperation and investments for mutual benefit between both nations. The Rwandan president expressed his gratitude for the efforts exerted by Egypt to improve cooperation and development between the African nations, just as it contributed to the liberation of the continent during the 20th century. References: Al-Ahram (Arabic), Youm7 (Arabic)

🇬🇳🤝🇪🇬 Partnership: Egypt and Guinea (African Union)

2017-12-10 Presients of Egypt El-Sisi and Guinea Conde during Africa 2017 Summit Sharm El-Sheikh Al-Ahram
Presients El-Sisi of Egypt and Guinea’s president Conde during Africa 2017 Summit, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (source: Al-Ahram)

🏢 The Egyptian and Guinean presidents met during the Africa 2017 business summit to discucess the strong bilateral relations and investments between both nations. The republic of Guinea currently heads the African union. Both leaders discussed cooperation for improving trade and sustainable development in Africa. References: Al-Ahram (Arabic), Youm7 (Arabic), Al-Ahram (English)

🇨🇮🤝🇪🇬 Partnership: Egypt and Côte d’Ivoire

2017-12-10 Cote d'ivoire president Ouattara and El-Sisi of Egypt during Africa 2017 summit Sharm El-Sheikh Al-Ahram
President Ouattara of Cote Ivoire and El-Sisi of Egypt during Africa 2017 summit ,Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (source: Al-Ahram)

🚢 President Alassane Ouattara met with president El-Sisi on the sidelines of the business summit. They discussed their plans to bolster cooperation for economical development and trade between both nations. They agreed to increase investments in multiple business sectors and to improve investment legislation in the African continent to serve the general population of Africa. This includes a project to build an Egyptian logistics hub and port for enabling trade between East Africa (including Egypt) and West African nations. This will boost internal trade in Africa and will also support global trade and export of African products to the whole world. References: Al-Ahram (Arabic), Al-Ahram (English), Youm7 (Arabic)

🇹🇩🤝🇪🇬 Partnership: Egypt and Chad

⚕️ The prime minister of chad, H. E. Albert Pahimi Padacké, expressed during the summit his great interest in partnering with Egypt to build new medical and pharmaceutical projects in Chad. This includes production of medicine and manufacturing of medical equipment. This was met by high enthusiasm from the minister of health and population of Egypt, who expressed the willingness of Egypt to go-ahead with those projects which will help eradicate diseases from the African continent. Reference: Al-Ahram (Arabic)

🇿🇦🤝🇪🇬 Partnership: Egypt and South Africa

🎓 Both nations of Egypt and South Africa enjoy strong bilateral relations of trade, development, and political alignment for the stability of the African continent. During the Africa 2017 summit, Egypt signed an academic partnership with major universities in south Africa. It involves business administration, management technology and economical development study programs for bachelor and post-graduate education. This contributes to the empowerment of African youth to support the development plans within Africa. This agreement comes in-light of the partnership between both friend nations. Reference: Al-Ahram (Arabic)

💳 On the sidelines of the business forum, president El-Sisi of Egypt and president Zuma of South Africa had a fruitful call which included mutual agreements to improve the investment environment in Africa and cooperation for sustainable development. Both leaders expressed that their nations enjoy very strong bilateral relations and mutual understanding towards issues facing the African continent. References: Al-Ahram (English), Al-Ahram (Arabic),

🇨🇫🤝🇪🇬 Partnership: Egypt and Central African Republic

☮️ 💚 Egypt is continuously participating in the peace-keeping missions in African nations to boost stability and peace in the continent. This can be seen in the strong presence of Egyptian peace-keeping missions within the Central African Republic (CAR). Egypt just paid a tribute to one of its high ranking officers who suffered his life during his mission in the CAR. This happened during his service while protecting the region and after an ambush by armed militants on his convoy. Egypt spares no effort when it comes to protection of stability in CAR and other African partners. Reference: Al-Ahram (Arabic)



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