❄️⛄ πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¬ Ready to go skiing in Africa? Now it is possible at Ski Egypt, Cairo!

Yes, you heard that right … skiing is now possible in Africa at the new Ski Egypt indoor slopes in the newly opened Mall of Egypt in Cairo (a huge shopping mall on the outskirts of Cairo with international brands,VOX cinemas, and now, a Ski Resort). This is the biggest indoor skiing facility to be launched in Africa and which is expected to host a vast amount of visitors and activities throughout the whole year! Although Egypt is full of beautiful deserts, some snow in the winter around the mountainous region of Sinai, and many beautiful beaches, it will be possible now for tourists visiting Egypt to experience something new which involves indoor skiing. The new resort aims to accommodate to the different wants of people visiting Egypt from different age groups, with training classes provided for children to adults. The new Cairene indoor slopes are ready to receive the penguins of Africa … welcome to the North Pole of Africa!🐧 πŸ˜€

Ski Egypt - Mall of Egypt - Cairo - Egypt - Africa
Ski Egypt – Mall of Egypt – Cairo – Egypt – Africa

The video below is a demonstration of the new Ski resort location in Cairo:

Source: Official website, Facebook official page, Mall of Egypt official pageΒ 

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