video πŸ“½ ✌️ πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¬ The Egyptian revolution 2011-2013 10 years later β€” A documentary of the success of the Pharaoh’s against dictatorship and extremist fascism, the rebirth of modern Egypt

🎞 πŸ’ͺ ✌🏻 πŸ™‹ πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¬ We present today, on the 10th anniversary of the Egyptian 2011-2013 revolution(s), some categorised videos and a 60 minutes documentary film by the Pharaohs which present the pharaoh’s revolution on the 25th of January 2011 against the corruption and dictatorship of the Mubarak era, and the 30th of June 2013 revolution against the extremist theocracy and criminal fascism of the so-called “muslim” brotherhood (sometimes referred to as “Ikhwan”) which only lasted for 1 year before the Pharaohs eliminated them completely from the Egyptian political scene on the 3rd of July 2013, removing them from their history for good! We then present the positive results and outcomes reaped from the Egyptian revolution after more than 10 years from the initial start.

The full story of the Egyptian revolution 2011-2013 against dictatorships, corruption, theocracy, fascism, radicalism, and extremism can be seen in the following documentary below. The documentary provides photos and English subtitles for the revolution which overthrown the corrupt and dictator president Mubarak, and the revolution which deposed the fascist and criminal president from the terrorist “muslim brotherhood” which stayed in power just 1-year in Egypt before the Egyptians revolted against them in one of the biggest demonstrations ever in the history of Egypt and mankind! πŸ™‚ It is clear that no one ever can defy the pharaohs across history … the Egyptians are always protecting their culture and values of peace, love, humanity, civilization, and good against evil! πŸ‘ May God always protect the land of the Pharaohs from all evil and bless it with happiness and continuous development across the ages … amen. Long live Egypt in peace and development! πŸ™‚

To access the documentary (with English subtitles), to stream it online and to download the film: Use this link from

The People’s Revolution

Just to revive our memories of what happened during the end of the active revolutionary phase in Egypt in 2013, here are some live scenes from the heart of the incidents …

10 Years later on after the revolution: A new magnificent Egypt

Now after more than 10 years, the Egyptians are now collecting the harvest which they achieved from their revolution on all levels: social, economical, political, etc. … Let’s see in the following videos then a summary of what the Egyptian revolution has achieved since the downfall of the last fascist religiously-driven regime in the history of Egypt: the fall of the so-called “Muslim-Brotherhood” and the victory of modernism and moderatism! All of those achievements are orchestrated by the youth of the revolution who now participate in the parliament of Egypt (and the government) within the framework and prudent leadership of one of the key figures from the revolution, President Abdelfattah Alsisi (with his team & government of hard-working technocrats), and fueled by the willpower of the Egyptian people of course, the real drivers and Pharaohs of development and stability! What are we waiting for then, let’s go on this amazing tour and see for ourselves … 🀩

The Largest National Projects in Egypt’s Recent History and the whole Region!

Egypt builds the largest cathedral and mosque in the region at its New Administrative Capital

The magnificent royal mummies parade in the capital Cairo (April 2021) from the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo to the new Egyptian Museum in the Ancient city of Fustat

Economical Development

Egypt’s economical boosts
Egyptian economy of the few global economies seeing growth even during COVID-19 pandemic times
Egypt gaining confidence of investors

Projects of social solidarity housing (English subtitles)

Construction of new Egyptian Cities

The New Administrative Capital

Building the Iconic tower (tallest in Africa), the new governmental complex and the largest public park in the region at the New Administrative capital

Al Galala City on the Red Sea (with a nice song by Egyptian musician Amr Mostafa)

New Alamein city on the Mediterranean sea will complement Alexandria in making a new hub for the Mediterranean

Why new cities in Egypt?

The Expansion and Development of the Suez Canal in Egypt in just a single year – a miracle funded by the Egyptian citizens!

The opening of the new Suez Canal celebrations

The New Egyptian Democracy: a new era of active political participation

Egyptians participating in the referendum on the new constitution in 2014
Egyptians participating in the 2018 presidential elections
Parliamentary elections 2015
Egyptians voting in parliamentary elections 2020
Egyptian senate elections 2020

Empowerment of the youth and women within the Egypt 2030 Vision

Egypt 2030 vision overview (with English subtitles)
The Egyptian National Youth conference 2017 in Alexandria, Egypt with a song for the Egypt 2030 Vision governmental plan

The World Youth Forums

The world youth forums hosted in Egypt’s capital of peace at its Sinai Red Sea coastal city of Sharm El-Sheikh, is a grand conference hosting young youth from all around the world, fully funded by the Egyptian government to empower the young generations from all over the world!

Events Recap

The opening
1st day of fun for the participating youth at the FreedomeΒ zone
2018 full events recap
2019 full events recap
Closing ceremony

Strengthening foreign relations and Egypt’s resumption of critical regional role for global peace and development



Meeting in Cairo, Egypt
Meeting in Paris, France
President Alsisi from Egypt welcomed in Paris by the French guards



Greece & Cyprus


King Salman welcomed in Egypt.


The US secretary for foreign affairs vising the newly opened mega Cathedral at Egypt’s New admin capital
Egypt’s minister for foreign affairs in Washington for discussions with US counterpart
US secretary of state meeting the Egyptian president in Cairo for bilateral discussions


Meeting in Cairo, Egypt
Meeting in Moscow, Russia

Meetings in Sochi and bilateral agreements

African Union

Egypt’s presidency of the African Union and strengthening of relations with all African nations.


Egyptian military developments and upgrades as a major regional power for peace and development (including UN peacekeeping missions)

Land Forces

Live ammunition drill at the biggest military base in the region; Mohamed Naguib base at El-Alamein near the city of Alexandria

Air Force

New strengthened Air Force bases and squadrons with aircraft carriers


The new 3rd of July naval base to protect the Mediterranean sea
Naval development at the new naval bases

Egyptian Special Forces (Police) for internal security

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