🍽️☘️ Stuffed Vine Leaves β€” A tasty and healthy Egyptian dish

Stuffed Vine Leaves Egyptian Dish
Stuffed Vine Leaves Egyptian Dish

☘️ 🍚 One of the most popular meals in the East Mediterranean cuisine (mainly in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, etc) is vine leaves. It is a deliciously stuffed rolled fingers of vine leaves with rice and vegetables, and possibly minced meat and tomato sauce. It is usually served with lemon juice topping, olive oil and sometimes with some spices. It can be served cold as a salad or warm as an appetizer or side-dish. It is known for being one of the most tasty treats in the East Mediterranean cuisine, but it also has many health benefits in addition (listed below), which makes it one of the top dishes to add to your diet or to try out when visiting those Mediterranean countries or their international restaurants abroad!

Health Benefits Vit. K Vit. A Vit. C Mag. Pota. Cal. Iron Fib. O3 LGI
Reduces Inflammation Y
Fights Arthritis Y
Reduces Tonsillitis Y
Antioxidant Properties Y Y
Helps regulate Blood Glucose Levels Y Y
Improves digestion Y
Reduces constipation Y
Reduces risk of anemia Y Y
Improves the immune system activity Y
Reduces risk of cancer Y
Helps preserve cartilage in the joints Y
Improves heart functions Y Y
Reduces bad muscle spasms Y
Helps build strong bones Y Y Y
Strengthens the teeth and keeps them healthy Y
Helps keep the eyes healthy Y

The table contains: Vit. A (Vitamin A), Vit. K (Vitamin K), Vit. C (Vitamin C), Mag. (Magnesium), Pota. (Potassium), Cal. (Calcium), Fib. (Fibers), O3 (Omega 3), and LGI (Low Glycemic index).

πŸ₯—Β In addition to the above benefits, vine leaves also help in the following:

  • Rich in important food elements: Vitamin K, vitamin A, Magnesium, Calcium, Fibers
  • Protects the nervous system of the body
  • Helps in production of natural collagen which helps keep skin young

πŸ½οΈΒ πŸ™ So, what should we wait for … give it a try at the nearest Mediterranean cuisine restaurant or buy it as a salad from the big supermarkets … it is definitely a very tasty and healthy treat!Β  It is much better than Sushi, especially if you don’t enjoy raw fish …Β  πŸ™‚

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