Egypt’s Suez Canal revives after its expansion

Suez Canal Ship Crossing Youm7
A ship crossing the Suez Canal (Source: Youm7)

As officials from the Suez Canal authority have lately released, the Suez Canal revives with high traffic of transport ships after its expansion project last year.  The New Suez Canal Project expanded the width & depth of the Suez Canal and added another parallel canal to better facilitate the flow of ships. This positively contributes to global trade as it facilitates the crossing of larger container ships with heavier loads. This will attract big shipment companies from Asia and Europe as they expect to see a jump of trade starting from 2020.

According to Youm7, the biggest container ship  in the world (owned by the MSC company) has passed the Suez Canal a couple of days ago on its way from Malaysia to Morocco.

References: Youm7 article 1, Youm7 article 2

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