Egypt says a strong ‘no’ to extremists in its judicial verdict: It’s time to put the fascist brotherhood behind bars!

Egypt Judicial Court (Youm7)
Egypt judicial courts sentence MB members to prison (Source: Youm7)

Verdicts from the autonomous judicial courts of Egypt have found members of the so-called “MB brotherhood” guilty of aggression against the state and its citizens. As a consequence, a series of MB members have been sent behind bars in a number of judicial hearings today.

The MB brotherhood is a big danger to humanity with their absurd, fascist, racist, sexist, radical, and extremist mentality … Egypt tells the so-called “MB brotherhood”: OUT! There is no place in the political arena in Egypt for radical, intolerant and fascist religious ideologies and groups … such ideologies certainly don’t have a place between the pharaohs and they are not welcome!! The land of the pharaohs is only for the loving, open-minded, patriotic, peaceful, democratic and caring citizens who love their country and humanity the most … is is not for the mad and radical groups with ambitions of supreme control of political power and dictatorship, that’s a big “no,no” for such groups!!

Total support to the autonomous judicial power in Egypt for their fair and clear verdicts. The whole world should know that the so-called “democratic Islamists” are nothing but radical, intolerant, and aggressive groups with fascist ideologies, however, hiding behind the false masks of “democracy, charity, and humanity” while they are totally dictators-in-heart seeking a worldwide theocratic nation in their absurd dreams! Such groups by no-means represent true religion … actually they are the furthest apart and most misguided. The world should support Egypt in putting an end to such ideologies just the same way as we said ‘no’ to the Nazis!

References: Al-Ahram Egypt (English), Youm7 Egypt (Arabic), Youm7 (Arabic) article 2

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