The Egyptian army cracks down on smugglers of drugs, weapons, and fake medicines across borders

Egyptian Army Border Control Youm7
The Egyptian army cracks down on smugglers on the eastern border (Source: Youm7)

Across the different borders of Egypt along the eastern, western and southern fronts, the Egyptian army was able to crack down on smugglers trying to ingest illegal items into Egypt. The  campaigns executed by the border-control forces were able to detect smuggling of drugs and unregistered weapons using illegal tunnels dug by smugglers across the eastern borders. In addition, the army cracked down on drug smugglers from the southern borders and also the western borders.

The campaigns by the Egyptian army come at the time when criminal groups and extremist groups are losing ground in their conflict against border control, preventing them from ingesting supplies of weapons to affiliated supporters who are heavily deteriorating in North Sinai and the western deserts. Full control of the Egyptian borders by the army has prevented any kind of criminal attacks by such groups, maintaining absolute security across all Egyptian fronts.

Source: Youm7

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