Cairo’s new Taxi tariffs update for December 2016

The taxi tariffs in Cairo have been updated after floating of the Egyptian Pound earlier this year. The new updated tariffs for 2016 are as follows:

  • Start of trip: 4 L.E. now (instead of 3 L.E. previously)
  • Each KM: 1.75 L.E. now (instead of 1.4 L.E. previously)
  • Every 1 minute of waiting time: 0.39 L.E. now (instead of 0.25 L.E. previously)

The current fare indicators installed in the taxis in the city should be progressively updated according to those new tariffs. Give the government some time to establish those updates though! Meanwhile, do your own calculations and checks for the trip by checking its distance on Google Maps (or any other mapping and directions app) and make sure to calculate some time wasted in traffic jams!

Make sure to check at the start of the trip that the fare indicator is working properly. It is preferable that you sit at the back at all times (prevents useless chatting with the driver and allows you to keep an eye on the driver from the back! Also, keeps for you and the driver your personal space and privacy … 😉 )  An example of how to check the taxi fare indicator is shown below:

Cairo, Egypt Taxi Fare calculator
Cairo, Egypt Taxi Fare calculator
  1. This indicates the fare information
  2. This indicates the fare price of the KM and the minute of waiting
  3. This indicates the actual KM covered during the trip

Have a safe and enjoyable trip around Cairo … enjoy the city! 🙂

Reference:  Youm7

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