🇪🇬 ✊ The Egyptian Youth Conference continues with support from the president and government

Egyptian President ElSisi with Youth in Conference Sharm ElSheikh
Egyptian government officials and  Egyptian President ElSisi engaging in discussions with the Egyptian youth  during the Youth Conference in Sharm ElSheikh, earlier in October 2016

The Egyptian president ElSisi commenced today with the continuation of the Egyptian Youth conference which is sponsored by the Egyptian presidency. This mega-event hosts thousands of young Egyptians from different schools, universities and political parties in order to discuss, plan, and implement reforms in Egypt. The conference witnesses various discussions and symposiums related to  democratic and economic reforms in Egypt. The goal of the conference is to empower the young calibres of Egypt for boosting the development of their nation and for participating in the decion making process of the government. The conference has seen great success since its inauguration in Sharm Elsheikh in October 2016, and outcomes of the conference include various democratic reforms and projects implemented. Projects which were intiated by the Egyptian youth conference include national initiatives for democratic development, educational-system improvements,  and health development.

Source: Al-Ahram English, Al-Ahram

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